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We are based out of Johns Creek (Duluth) area, however, we offer MOUSE TRAPPING services to the entire North Metro market.  Our Licensed Wildlife Technicians will quickly determine the culprit and take measures to remove all of them from within the house and prevent future entry.

The most common type of mouse encountered in a home is called a “House Mouse”.  These mice are usually grey to brown on top with a light-colored belly.  Oftentimes they are known to nest in walls, cabinets and other areas around the kitchen. House mice prefer to nest close to food sources. All rodents can be very destructive by gnawing on objects including electrical wires and wood.  Equally important, they can carry diseases and contaminate food and surfaces with their urine and feces.  Act quickly, due to the fact that a mated pair of mice can produce up to 2,000 off-spring each year.

Ultimately, to properly control a mouse population it requires an active reduction in attractants as well as sealing the home.  There is no way to short-cut the process. Each step is critical.

However, the good news is that the typical mouse trapping jobs are a one-week jobs.  Although we can punch the numbers down with our MOUSE trapping services, it is imperative that the home is sealed up to prevent future re-entry of rodents.

All traps placed indoors, in the open, are concealed traps so it is safe around children and small pets as well as visually non-offensive.

Mouse Entry Point Suwanee

Services we offer for a problem with rodents:


  • Mouse Trapping
  • Rodent Prevention & Control (Rodenticide Bait Stations Outside)
  • Rodent Exclusion – Mouse-proofing a home.

We come out every single day to check traps, remove any mice and apply more bait.  This makes the most out of your trapping dollars.

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